What is TITPACK Ver. 2 ?

TITPACK Ver.2 is a set of Fortran 77 subroutines to diagonalize quantum spin Hamiltonians. Some of the routines are applicable to diagonalization of general sparse matrices, not just quantum spin Hamiltonians. It is pronounced 'Tee-I-Tee pack'.

About TITPACK Ver. 2 (from the Introduction of Manual)

Terms of License

Please acknowledge the use of TITPACK Ver. 2 when you publish your results obtained by using TITPACK Ver. 2 or its modifications. You may use TITPACK Ver. 2 for academic purposes only. The author assumes no responsibility on any troubles caused by the use of TITPACK Ver. 2.

I will appreciate it very much if you send me a copy of the paper in which you referred to TITPACK Ver. 2.

Source code and manual

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